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Mushroom is a fast-growing agricultural produce. They can be grown and cultivated as Part-time business by all sectors of people like Home-makers, Unemployed, Self-help Women groups, Farm-hands, Alternately-abled people. It can be grown in very small available spaces using the minimal volume of water with the least amount of investment involved. It is widely known that mushrooms bring high revenue to the parties involved. This sentiment has been endorsed by the Plan Pathology Department of the Agriculture College and Research institute, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Killikulam and various other Research Institutes. Major of the research work on Mushroom have been conducted in these Institutes over the time.

Tirunelveli district has a high number of Farmers and Agriculture based workers. The Mushroom growth training we provide has the goal of increasing the livelihood of the above mentioned sector of people.

In contrast to Vegetables and fruits produce, Mushroom growth is simpler, cost-effective, doesn’t cause environmental pollution. Mushrooms can be grown using Recyclable Organic goods. Also, the waste from Mushroom cultivation can be recycled and used as Cattle-feed to increase Dairy production.

Mushrooms have been a vital part of the food from the Ancient times. They are available in a variety of shapes, colours and taste. They are pure vegetarian food.

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Highlights of Mushroom:

Mushrooms are high protein, low-calorie food compared to other vegetable, fruits and Meat products. Due to the presence of high amount of Vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, Iron and fibers, Mushrooms are a very good supplement for people suffering from Diabetes, Heart Ailments, high-cholesterol, Nervous ailments and Immunity deficiency.